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Jason J. Palmer

Author, Teacher, Speaker, Producer, Counselor, and Pastor

Let's Change the World with Love, Peace, and Unity

Jason J. Palmer

Jason J. Palmer is a teacher and counselor who combines his professional expertise with his spirituality. He is the lead pastor Goodness & Mercy Church, the Place of Relief. As a serial entrepreneur, Jason has built ten businesses, including a nonprofit organization serving communities in the Greater Detroit region called Pure Positive Intentions, all while still being both a devoted father and husband. He was born and raised as a Detroit native where he has established a great presence in the music industry as an artist, arranger, writer, and producer.  Also, he has served our country in the U.S Navy after graduating high school. Jason has dedicated his life to bettering himself, his family, friends, the community, and the kingdom of God by simply obeying whatever God instructs him to do.

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